Veterans buried at Sullivan



As of October 2009 we are aware of the following veterans buried at Sullivan cemetery.



Blue, James D.  National Guard  
Chaffin, M.B. (Humpy)   Army  WWII
Couch, Troyce  Army
Cummins, Raymond Navy  Korea
Earle, Eldon

Army  WWII

Hatchett, William T. Army  WWII
Hodgson, Cecil Joe  Army Vietnam  MIA 1-29-1966
Hodgson, Edward Leon Air Force  Desert Storm
Holley, Mendell, Sr. Army  WWII
King, Emmitt Racul Army  WWII
McNeely, Junior Lee Army Air Force  WWII
Rucker, Edmund T  CSA  1863 Civil War
Sullivan, Patrick Texas State Troops  1861
Thompson, Burnace  Army  Vietnam
Williams, Charlie  Army  WWII